Profile ACLU Murphy: How A New Lawyer is Helping Thousands of Texans

If you’re like most people, you probably know the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) as a powerful civil rights organization. But what you may not know is that the ACLU also provides legal services to thousands of Texans each year. This is thanks to new lawyer Murphy, who joined the ACLU in 2017 and is already making a major impact on the state’s legal landscape. In this blog post, we will profile Murphy and explore his work with the ACLU. We hope you enjoy learning about him as much as we did!


Profile: ACLU Murphy

In 2015, the ACLU of Texas hired attorney Casey Murphy to work on constitutional issues. Murphy is a lawyer with experience in civil rights law, criminal law and appellate litigation. In her new role, she focuses on helping Texans with issues such as privacy rights, free speech and religious liberty.

Murphy has worked on many high-profile cases in the past, including representing clients arrested during protests against the president’s inauguration in D.C. and defending an undocumented immigrant who was detained after having a car accident. She also represented the family of Michael Brown, a black teenager who was killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri.

At the ACLU of Texas, Murphy is part of a team that includes attorneys from different legal backgrounds who share information and expertise to defend civil liberties statewide. This diversity is important because it allows the ACLU to challenge laws or practices that violate individual rights without fear of losing its own resources or membership base.

Casey Murphy is one of many lawyers working to uphold Texans’ civil liberties. Her work at the ACLU of Texas will help ensure that individuals have access to justice and protection from discrimination based on their beliefs or identity

How Murphy Became an ACLU Attorney

Murphy, a recent graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, joined the ACLU in Austin as a staff attorney in early 2014. She is working to protect civil liberties and rights for individuals throughout the state.

Murphy’s work focuses on two main areas: First, she advocates for individuals who have been wronged by government officials, including those who have experienced unlawful arrests or searches. Second, she works to promote free speech and free assembly rights for Texans.

In her first year with the ACLU, Murphy has already represented dozens of clients and helped secure several important victories. These cases include securing an apology from the City of Austin after officers used excessive force against protesters during a Black Lives Matter demonstration; winning back public funding for a youth summer job program that was canceled due to protests against racism; and helping to overturn a law that would have forced transgender people to use bathrooms matching their birth gender.

Murphy is also using her legal skills to address pressing civil issues in Texas. Last year, she organized a coalition of advocacy groups to challenge HB 2 – legislation that would have restricted women’s access to abortion clinics and allowed businesses to refuse service based on religious beliefs. The effort succeeded in defeating the bill in court last month.

Cases That Murphy Has Taken on

In the past few years, ACLU of Texas attorney Murphy has become one of the most visible and successful lawyers in the state. He has taken on a number of high-profile cases, including defending Texans against Trump’s ban on travel from several majority-Muslim countries, fighting for access to reproductive health services for women, and representing undocumented immigrants in deportation proceedings.

Murphy is highly respected by his peers and clients alike for his dedication to justice and tireless work ethic. He has represented thousands of Texans in courtrooms across the state and is widely credited with helping to change laws and protect civil rights in Texas.

Murphy was born and raised in Dallas and attended Southern Methodist University before graduating from law school at the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. profile aclu murphy After clerking for a federal judge, he began his legal career as an associate at The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, where he worked on a number of high-profile religious liberty cases. In 2015, he joined the ACLU of Texas as an associate attorney general.

The Future of Liberty for All Americans

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has announced that its new lawyer, Tyler Murphy, is helping thousands of Texans fight for their freedom. Tyler Murphy is a civil rights attorney who has worked in the ACLU’s Texas office since 2016. In just two years, he has helped secure millions of dollars in legal relief for those affected by the state’s strict immigration laws.

Murphy’s work focuses on defending immigrants who have been arrested or detained because of their status in the United States. He has filed multiple lawsuits on behalf of these individuals, and his efforts have led to significant change in how Texas treats undocumented residents.

Murphy’s work highlights the importance of lawyers like him throughout the country. The ACLU is committed to fighting for freedom and justice for all Americans, no matter their background or situation. Through Tyler Murphy and other attorneys like him, the ACLU is ensuring that all Americans have the opportunity to live free and without fear of government abuse


ACLU Murphy is a new lawyer who is helping thousands of Texans in need. His work focuses on ensuring that all Texans have the same opportunities, no matter their background or where they live. Murphy fights for justice and equality for everyone in his field of law, and he has already made a huge impact on Texas society.

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